Tips to Help with a Successful Real Estate Closing

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Hello Neighbours!

This week I wanted to give you my tips to help you have a successful real estate closing.

Keep in mind, no closing is perfect. You need to always expect the unexpected in real estate because things can change in an instant… it’s the reality of the business.

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But… there are steps you could take to help things run smoothly.

Here are my tips for a successful closing:

6 Tips to Help have a Successful Real Estate Closing

Contact your Lawyer: This should be done immediately as you need to let your lawyer know an Agreement has been signed and what is the closing date.

Satisfy all Conditions: Any Conditions in the Agreement must be satisfied and there will be a timeframe for you to get this done so it’s best to do it right away. Yes, you could request an extension but then you do risk losing the entire deal so it’s best to get the conditions fulfilled immediately.

Contact Utilities: Contact all your utility companies including phone, cable, and internet to arrange removal of service and/or transfer of service to the new property, whatever is applicable.

Call Insurance: Call your insurance agent to arrange for cancellation or transfer of your home insurance coverage.

Moving Company: Contact a moving company to arrange your move date on or prior to the possession date. I would call early, depending on the time and volume you want to have that secured right away.

Changing Address: Send out change of address notices to Canada Post and Ministry of Transportation for your driver’s license, car registration, and other documents.

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Whether buying or selling, hopefully, these tips have helped.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I look forward to reading your posts.

Happy Moving!

Tyler Pope

Passionate and Devoted Realtor. Tyler Pope had the itch for real estate early in her life. As a teenager, she would tour investment properties with her dad and knew then that she wanted to be apart of the Real Estate world. Contact Tyler Pope anytime, it would be her pleasure to assist with your real estate needs.
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