Most Important Room To Declutter Before You List Your Home

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You need to sell your house quickly so you need to declutter quickly but don’t have time to go through the entire house room by room, so what’s the most important room to declutter before you list your home… 

Declutter This Room Before You List Your Home

I had a client who needed to sell her house quickly. She had young kids and didn’t have the time to declutter and organize every room in her house. So she asked me, “Tyler, which room is the most important room to declutter and I’ll just do that room.” Ideally you want to declutter the entire house, but if you’re pressed for time I’m going to tell you all what I told her… You know that old saying, you never have a second chance to make a first impression… That couldn’t be more true than when it comes to real estate.

The most important room to declutter is the entryway and any room attached to the entryway. Yup… it’s true! It’s not the bathroom, not the kitchen, not the bedroom. It’s the entrance way and any room attached to it. Let me explain…

You walk into a house and to your left there is the family room and straight ahead is the kitchen that’s what you see when you first walk into the house from the entrance, so… the family room must be decluttered and depersonalized and whatever part of the kitchen you see from the entry should be decluttered too.

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When a Buyer first enters a home, they know within the first few minutes, if not seconds, whether they want to keep looking or if they are just wasting their time. You have to make a good first impression because you need buyers to move beyond the front door.  

Decluttering Example

Let’s say you don’t have an entry area or entryway. I live in South Etobicoke and many of the older homes, including my own home, don’t have an entryway or entry area, when you open the front door you immediately step into the living room or kitchen or both… who knows. So, if that’s the case, you need to make sure that the entire entry area, that means, the living room, the kitchen or both, are decluttered, clean, clear of personal items, bringing in tons of natural light and smells fresh. 

As I mentioned earlier, you do want to declutter your entire house, but if pressed for time this is what I would recommend. 

Decluttering Checklist

I created a Checklist specifically geared to Sellers. If you’d like a copy just email me asking for the Seller’s Decluttering Checklist and I’ll be sure to send you a copy.

I hope you found this helpful. Be sure to leave your comments below and thank you for taking the time to read this article.


Tyler Pope

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